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Banks in India are the "Live threats" of the failed objectives of public interest.

We the public of India have not realized that the Banks are confronting us through every windows of opportunity......

Cat culture of the Banks have destroyed the Social fabric.....


Market Economy and Money:

"They (International Banks) have often been found to deal in financial flows of suspect legality in one country, though not always in both countries involved. International Banks have the opportunity and incentive to conduct operations involving tax avoidance. Because of these operations, International banks enjoy significant influence over the political economy in several countries," - Dr. Reddy said, while delivering the Per Jacobsson Foundation Lecture 2012 on Sunday in Basel, Switzerland.

In market economy, 

Empowerment, Entitlement, Education, Election, Employment..... Everything is based on money

Banks are enriched with enormous flow of  legitimate and illicit money .....

Enormous Money brought Anarchy and Arrogance to the Banking system...

If you provide a Dog with food, water, shelter and affection, they will think that you are a God, whereas if cats are provided the same they will drew the conclusion that they are Gods.- Christopher Hitchens

Banks have drew the same conclusions like Cats.

In India- the Governments, the Executive and the Media, all will prefer to play a subservient role to the Banks for ulterior reasons.

Banks are the real rulers of India

Noble cause:

Only we, the Public of India have to tactically "Bell the Cats (Banks)" to ensure our future...

We are on a Mission.....

Join Us to achieve this Noble Cause

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