"Let Us Bell The Cat"

Bell the Cat

Bell the Cat

Thursday, 09 February 2017 07:40

Our Focus

Banks in India are the "Live threats" of the failed objectives of public interest.

We the public of India have not realized that the Banks are confronting us through every windows of opportunity......


Cat culture of the Banks have destroyed the Social fabric.....

Market Economy and Money:

"They (International Banks) have often been found to deal in financial flows of suspect legality in one country, though not always in both countries involved. International Banks have the opportunity and incentive to conduct operations involving tax avoidance. Because of these operations, International banks enjoy significant influence over the political economy in several countries," - Dr. Reddy said, while delivering the Per Jacobsson Foundation Lecture 2012 on Sunday in Basel, Switzerland.

In market economy, 

Empowerment, Entitlement, Education, Election, Employment..... Everything is based on money

Banks are enriched with enormous flow of  legitimate and illicit money .....

Enormous Money brought Anarchy and Arrogance to the Banking system...

If you provide a Dog with food, water, shelter and affection, they will think that you are a God, whereas if cats are provided the same they will drew the conclusion that they are Gods.- Christopher Hitchens

Banks have drew the same conclusions like Cats.

In India- the Governments, the Executive and the Media, all will prefer to play a subservient role to the Banks for ulterior reasons.

Banks are the real rulers of India

Noble cause:

Only we, the Public of India have to tactically "Bell the Cats (Banks)" to ensure our future...

We are on a Mission.....

Join Us to achieve this Noble Cause

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 10:24

The Power of RTI

In the Honourable Supreme Court of India

Two Judge Bench of Justice M.Y.Eqbal & Justice C. Nagappan, Para - 74  75 of the final order passed -  in the transferred Case (Civil) No.91 of 2015 to  No.101 of 2015  on December 16th 2015.

Because an informed citizen has the capacity to reasoned action and also evaluate the actions of the legislature and executives, which is very important in a participative democracy and this will serve the nation's interest better which as stated above also includes its economic interests. Recognising the significance of this tool, it has not only been made one of the fundamental rights under Article 19 but also a Central Act has been enacted into effect on 12 October 2005 as the Right To Information Act 2005.

The ideal of "Government by the people"makes it necessary that people have access to information on matters of public concern. The free flow of information about affairs of Government paves way for debate in public policy and fosters accountability in Government. It creates a condition for "open Governance" which is a foundation of democracy.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 10:17

Fake Identity

Animal analogy & Banks : 

What is the relevance between the Bank and Dog?

Why the Dog found its way into the logo of a leading PSU Bank?

Difference of being a Dog and Cat

"Heaven goes by favour;  if it went by merit, you would stay out; your dog go In" Mark Twain.

"Dog, mankind's best friend"

Dog is known for its Trustworthiness, Gratitude and Circumspection (vigilance).

18th October, 1994:

The Government of India replaced the prevalent Banking Administrative Principles of "Dog Discipline" with "Cat Culture" - a generic change in the Banking System.

Being a Cat:

"The Cat is domestic only as far as suits its (Cat) end." - Saki

Often, we compare a person who takes a decision on the basis of selfishness, own Compulsions, Conveniences, Whims and Fancies to a "Cat on a Wall".

The Banks are behaving like a "Cat on a wall"

The  Banks are not enabled with long term Visions or Ethics but, on narrow and crooked banking business principles without imposing Accountability over the Banking Administration.

Language of a Cat: 

The Cat's "meow" language itself resonates with its dubious character.

 "meow" - Whether the Cat is saying "Me Owe" (I'm indebted to You)? or "My Own" (Everything is Mine)?

 The Public of India are held as the "Prisoners of the past":

The Public of India being unaware of the implications of the Generic change over the Banking business principles and ethics which were followed since then, as such they are been betrayed since 1994.

Whenever you come across any proverb or quote about a Cat, you just replace the word "Cat" with "Bank" ; and read it again, it will not make the proverb or quote meaningless.

Moreover, you can easily understand the Business Principles and Ethics, which are in place in the Banking System of India.

"Caveat emptor" status: 

The problems of the Customers and the Small Borrowers within various categories are further compounded by the fact that the Banks in India are operational on the basis of "Caveat emptor" status.

What it legally means?

It means that the Banks can deliberately indulge in any malicious acts of misappropriation on the pretext of miscalculation.

Excessive charges/Denial of Free Services/Charging without issuing any prior intimation and can get themselves excused legally. 

It is the duty of every Borrower/Customer to bring to the notice of the Bank any such occurrences in their statements of  accounts; being illiterate /Farmer / Student / Woman will not stand as a valid excuse. 

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 10:14

Track Your Bank

Your Bank being Cat cultured you must track it the way it deserves.

How to Bell the Cat (Bank)?

The Answer is "Selfie Banking".

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 10:12

Public Fund 'N' Banks

Before 18th of October 1994:  In India, the  Public Funds within the Banking System were utilized through the discretionary directions of the RBI in consultation with the Government of India.

The Lending Interest rates were not based on individuals but on sector-wise utilization (SME, Agriculture ..........) The sector-wise lending Interest rates were decided by the Government of India by taking into account the nature of support necessitated for a specific sector to achieve an all around Social and Industrial developments.

The Social and Industrial developments were evidently slow may be because of the delay in systemic interventions or pro-active policy responses of the Government of the day or due to some flaws/blocks in the delivery system. But, the developments were orderly may be compared to - "twines of public money being utilized with prudence and discipline to have the end product of a woven fabric".

 After 18th of October 1994:

The political structure confessed its incompetence and left the Public Financial Resources to the discretionary management of banks. In the garb of Reforms and Market Economy "Cat Culture" was inherited into the system.

The Banks handled the Public Funds in their access like a Cat handling balls of twines.

Inflation and Banks:

There is a saying - "don't troop blindly to the roof like a Cat"

The Banks with lots of money at their disposal behave like cats without caring about repercussions. Blind and mindless lending policies are grabbed by the notorious elements. These elements manipulate the markets. That is why the Governments of the day are not able to address any issues related to inflation.

Bank's "Cat Culture" - led to acrimonious acrobatics.

We are entertained with visible unfettered developments without realizing that its cost and implications will be transferred over us by the Bank and the Government.

 Impact - 1

Economy in tangles 


The prevalence of "Cat culture" held us in a mesmerised world of fantasy.

We enjoyed the acrobatic antics of the Banks and the Government. The Banks and Governments are working without any Accountability. Both of them are enabled to transfer the cost escalations due to their inefficacies, corrupt practices and other losses over the larger public through dubious economic policies of  "Market Economy".

Cost of Bank Loans:

We, the larger public more than satisfied to have access to the public funds as loans. But, we failed to recognise/evaluate the cost of such an access as loans.

Pretention at its best

No sooner, the Cats (Banks) will be released from the tangle of their(Banks) own making by the Government of the day.

The Cats (Banks) will be given a fresh lease of life through the balls of twines (flow of Public Funds) and the Cats (Banks) are going to repeat the antics.


Impact - 2

The Banks dare to take risks

Banks like Cats, are miserable in their calculations.....

Unsecured Lending of the Banks are based on futuristic calculations which goes awry for various reasons.  The Banks being cushioned to transfer such unsecured lending losses over the other Small Secured Borrowers within their system through higher Interest charges. As such the banks like Cats dare to take risks.

Impact - 3

Banks as "floppy cats" : 

The Cats render a great service to the humanity in the containment of "rat menace".

But, the  Cat cultured Banks failed to perform this habitual duty as the Cats do.


Impact - 4

Cat is set among the Pigeons by the Government of India and RBI : 

The Small Borrowers, who have pledged their securities are treated as pigeons by the Banks in India.

The Banks are at their predatory best against these Pigeons.

Impact - 5

The Banks like Cats can tune themselves to deafness ........

Millions of Farmers suicides, devastation of SSI Units and cries of ordinary Secured Borrowers have gone into deaf ears for the past two decades.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 10:06

Photo ID of Bank : Generic change - Dog to Cat

Deceptive Mask... 

Click ... View... the Real identity of the Banks -->

Disguised transition since 1994, from Public Benefactor to Betrayer.

Real Identity of the Banks in India

Deficits in Credibility and Trust of being a Cat:

If you provide a Dog with food, water, shelter and affection, they will think that you are a God, whereas if cats are provided the same they will drew the conclusion that they are Gods.- Christopher Hitchens

Banks have drawn conclusions like Cats.

The Banks, like Cats believe themselves to be like Gods.

India has become "Banks own country"

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 10:01


Customers: Charges will be revised by the Bank without prior intimations.

Borrowers: Interest charges will be revised by the Bank without prior intimations

Customers and Borrowers of the Bank have to track their accounts frequently and must take submissions from their Bank.


We shall guide you, How to "Zoom-in" & "Trigger" remedies.

Moreover, we will be privileged to receive your contribution of information to this repository of  "Banking Awareness Campaign for Public Cause"

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