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Fake Identity

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 Animal analogy & Banks : 

What is the relevance between the Bank and Dog?

Why the Dog found its way into the logo of a leading PSU Bank?

Difference of being a Dog and Cat

"Heaven goes by favour;  if it went by merit, you would stay out; your dog go In" - Mark Twain.

"Dog, mankind's best friend"

Dog is known for its Trustworthiness, Gratitude and Circumspection (vigilance).

18th October, 1994:

The Government of India replaced the prevalent Banking Administrative Principles of "Dog Discipline" with "Cat Culture" - a generic change in the Banking System.

Being a Cat:

"The Cat is domestic only as far as suits its (Cat) end." - Saki

Often, we compare a person who takes a decision on the basis of selfishness, own Compulsions, Conveniences, Whims and Fancies to a "Cat on a Wall".

The Banks are behaving like a "Cat on a wall"

The  Banks are not enabled with long term Visions or Ethics but, on narrow and crooked banking business principles without imposing Accountability over the Banking Administration.

Language of a Cat: 

The Cat's "meow" language itself resonates with its dubious character.

 "meow" - Whether the Cat is saying "Me Owe" (I'm indebted to You)? or "My Own" (Everything is Mine)?

 The Public of India are held as the "Prisoners of the past":

The Public of India being unaware of the implications of the Generic change over the Banking business principles and ethics which were followed since then, as such they are been betrayed since 1994.

Whenever you come across any proverb or quote about a Cat, you just replace the word "Cat" with "Bank" ; and read it again, it will not make the proverb or quote meaningless.

Moreover, you can easily understand the Business Principles and Ethics, which are in place in the Banking System of India.

"Caveat emptor" status: 

The problems of the Customers and the Small Borrowers within various categories are further compounded by the fact that the Banks in India are operational on the basis of "Caveat emptor" status.

What it legally means?

It means that the Banks can deliberately indulge in any malicious acts of misappropriation on the pretext of miscalculation.

Excessive charges/Denial of Free Services/Charging without issuing any prior intimation and can get themselves excused legally. 

It is the duty of every Borrower/Customer to bring to the notice of the Bank any such occurrences in their statements of  accounts; being illiterate /Farmer / Student / Woman will not stand as a valid excuse. 

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