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RTI Review: The Power of RTI

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In the Honourable Supreme Court of India

Two Judge Bench of Justice M.Y.Eqbal & Justice C. Nagappan, Para - 74  75 of the final order passed -  in the transferred Case (Civil) No.91 of 2015 to  No.101 of 2015  on December 16th 2015.

Because an informed citizen has the capacity to reasoned action and also evaluate the actions of the legislature and executives, which is very important in a participative democracy and this will serve the nation's interest better which as stated above also includes its economic interests. Recognising the significance of this tool, it has not only been made one of the fundamental rights under Article 19 but also a Central Act has been enacted into effect on 12 October 2005 as the Right To Information Act 2005.

The ideal of "Government by the people"makes it necessary that people have access to information on matters of public concern. The free flow of information about affairs of Government paves way for debate in public policy and fosters accountability in Government. It creates a condition for "open Governance" which is a foundation of democracy.

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